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Novo Dono 20×20

Novo Dono 20×20


  • Lightweight, aluminum-based system with powerful branding opportunities and a minimal footprint
  • The Novo Dono 20×20 display allows your message to take center stage while providing plenty of demo space via computer kiosks, which can be double-sided
  • 20×20 display scales down to 10×20 or 10×10 display configurations
  • All configurations available as display rental or purchase
Clients say...

We wanted to thank you for making our show such a success. We thought the booth looked amazing! All the way through the process, you and your team provided excellent information, support (specifically the sofa saga!) and great design ideas which really met En Route’s vision. We are extremely pleased with all of the service you provided and definitely plan to continue working with you in future.”

Lorna Barlow, Business Development Manager

En Route International USA


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f: 480 966-9841

Emergency after hours hotline:
480 223-5241
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