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“We received a ton of comments on how cool and cutting-edge the booth looked and how nice the carpet was. It was sleek, elegant, clean, and unique. No one else had anything remotely close; we stood out from the crowd for sure. Someone from the military even commented that our booth reminded them of a spaceship! Mission accomplished!"

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2012 Tax Incentives for Trade Show Displays

Mar 2, 2012

Bonus Depreciation Available for 2012
Legislation passed in late 2010 provides for the expensing of 50% of new property eligible for bonus depreciation - which includes trade show displays - placed in service before December 31, 2012.

This expensing (bonus depreciation) Federal tax Section 168, allows you to write off 50% of the full purchase amount this year on your Federal income tax return, as opposed to a percentage over multiple years. While the total amount of your tax savings will generally be the same, utilizing bonus depreciation gives you more working capital up front. That working capital can be used to reinvest in areas of your company that drive business - like marketing, lead generation, staffing and more. And keep in mind, Federal tax Section 179 allows you to elect to expense up to $139,000 of qualifying (100% off new or used equipment) purchases, as well.

No Limit to Bonus Depreciation!
You can depreciate the full amount of all qualifying purchases this year no matter their cost individually or in aggregate.

It's Easier to 'Expense' Purchases
For many companies with a budget in place, requests for capital expenditures can be cumbersome and time consuming. By taking advantage of these tax opportunities, these items can be fully written off in 2012 and don't need to be depreciated.

Consult Your Tax Advisor regarding this incentive. Refer to Sections 168 & 179 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

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E&E Aids Advertising Agencies with Trade Show Marketing

Mar 8, 2011

How ad agencies add value to their services by promoting trade shows to their clients

By Daniel Chaddock, President of E&E Exhibit Solutions

Daniel ChaddockOver the past 16 years since opening E&E Exhibit Solutions, I have encountered many ad agency owners who look at trade shows as something that takes up a significant portion of their clients' marketing budgets—and subsequently takes away from the agency's profitability. Ad agencies have either walked away from the trade show business as too complex or have attempted to help their clients and opened a Pandora's box of trouble that equals little in revenue for the agency.

Yet, one cannot deny the importance of trade shows in the marketing mix. Businesses spend upwards of 30 percent of their marketing budgets on trade show displays, accessories, graphics and participation, for which the ad agency previously received no compensation. This leaves agencies asking, "How do we help a client with its entire marketing strategy, including trade shows, without losing money?"

There are three main concerns for an ad agency considering venturing into the trade show business for their clients:

  1. Trade shows require a lot of time to plan, execute and manage the details.
  2. Successful trade show participation requires a level of experience and knowledge that most ad agencies don’t possess.
  3. Ad agencies don’t typically make money when their clients invest in trade shows.

So again, how does an ad agency provide trade show assistance to a client and still make a profit? The answer is to seek out trade show experts to handle the details of trade show exhibit designs, production and logistics. At E&E Exhibit Solutions, we recognize this challenge and through a partnership can address the concerns above. By working with a professional trade show display company, an ad agency can provide their clients with the best of both worlds—expert marketing guidance and expert trade show management.

A partnership with a trade show display company enables the agency to expand its billable marketing offerings, while allowing a company like E&E to manage the trade show details. Yet, this service doesn't necessarily mean added cost to the client. As the experts, the trade show display company can provide cost-saving exhibiting strategies that also improve event ROI.

This partnership can be as invisible or as transparent as the agency wishes. At E&E, we work with ad agencies behind the scenes or work side-by-side with clients as the agency's trade show division to provide complete solutions including exhibit design, trade show graphics, shipping and labor services. Either way, the agency becomes the one-stop shop for their clients.

The bottom line is that trade shows aren't going away. Time and again, studies show there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction in business. A company is going to participate in trade shows as a component of its marketing strategy. By working with a trade show display company, the ad agency can say, "Yes!" to their clients' trade shows and provide a billable service they previously shied away from. And, clients benefit by working with the ad agency they trust, along with experts in the trade show industry, to help ensure a successful trade show experience.

Since 1994, Daniel Chaddock has consulted on the effective design and use of trade show displays for event marketing. He is currently President of E&E Exhibit Solutions, an award-winning trade show display company. To discuss partnership opportunities for your ad agency, contact us at 800.709.6935.

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The Hidden Costs of Cheap Online Pop-Up Displays

Feb 2, 2011

Know just what you're getting for your investment

By Daniel Chaddock, President of E&E Exhibit Solutions

Daniel ChaddockTempted by that too-good-to-be-true $800 pop-up display you found online? Trust your instincts. That pop-up may seem budget-friendly now, but it won't be when you need to replace it next year—or sooner.  There is quite a bit of difference between cheap pop-up displays from discount online retailers or auction web sites and quality-manufactured ones from authorized dealers. Once you examine the differences, you'll see there's no comparison.

Product Quality & Materials
It's hard to tell the quality of the displays you're considering purchasing from online images. Frankly, they all can look the same. However, the difference comes in the grade of materials used to manufacture the pop-up display frame and its associated hardware. 

Discount retailers often import low-quality pop-up displays made in other countries, and those manufacturers may cut corners with low-grade aluminum and plastic to keep costs down.  This applies to not just the frame, but also the connecting pieces, cases and fabric panels—which may not even be fire retardant, a requirement to exhibit at most U.S. trade shows.  With frequent use of cheap pop-ups, you’ll notice parts loosen over time, fabric frays with repeated application and removal of hook and loop graphics, and cases or their locks break from shipping and handling. In addition, if you're looking at eBay, that pop-up is most likely used, with unknown quality, condition and origin.

To ensure you're getting a high-quality product, contact a professional exhibit house that can tell you exactly how and of what materials their pop-up displays are made. They can also provide you with the necessary fire retardant certificates to provide to show management.  When it comes to quality, think long-term value over low cost, especially if you have a jam-packed show schedule and you need a reliable, durable display that will withstand the rigors of your event program.

Product Features
When you price shop, make sure you evaluate similar systems with the same features. You might be comparing a base, low-end model to one that's top of the line. For example, cheap frames may require cumbersome assembly with individual connecting pieces. A quality, self-locking frame opens in seconds, saving you time on installation. A cheap frame may also be limited in the accessories available. Lights, shelves and counter conversion kits are pretty standard, but what about more advanced audio-visual needs, storage space or custom graphics?

Pop-up Displays by E&E Exhibit SolutionsQuality pop-up displays have a variety of custom accessories to take your booth from simple to spectacular. You can add monitor brackets and keyboard shelves for computer demos, locking cabinets for your equipment or marketing materials and custom large-format trade show graphics. Look for a proven exhibit provider with an in-house graphic production department that can design, print and fit your graphics to the pop-up display you purchase. Many quality pop-ups also have expansion kits to take your 10x10 displays to 10x20 displays. Take time to think about your company’s future growth plans, so you have the right foundation to build on top of the investment you make today.

Warranties & Customer Service
When that cheap pop-up display breaks, where do send it for repair? Does it have a warranty? Can you talk to an actual person to order replacement parts? With a quality pop-up, just contact your exhibit house, who can coordinate no-hassle, warranty repairs. Most high-quality pop-up displays come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and connecting hardware—just one free warranty repair can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Without a warranty, you're throwing your money away on a limited-use, disposable pop-up display.

In addition, an exhibit house will provide you with a dedicated account manager, who you can easily contact at any time with your needs and questions. You can also consult with this person on the many types of trade show displays and graphics available to make sure you are making the most of your budget.

Overall Value vs. Price
Before you submit that online order, consider the product quality, features and customer service you'll receive. How much are you willing to sacrifice for what seems like a "good" deal? With a quality pop-up display, you'll make the most of your budget over time and can relax knowing you have a great product which is covered under warranty and serviced by a company you trust. If price is still your deciding factor, consider a pop-up exhibit rental for a fraction of the purchase price.

Pop-up Display Comparison Chart

Pop-up Display Features

Discount Online Retailers

Exhibit House







Country of Origin

(most likely China)





Add-ons/Expansion Kits


Many Options



Custom; Produced In-house




Customer Service

Call Center

Dedicated Contact

Business Model

Volume Sales

Form Partnerships


Since 1994, Daniel Chaddock has consulted on the effective design and use of trade show displays for event marketing. He is currently President of E&E Exhibit Solutions, an authorized dealer of high-quality pop-up displays, manufactured in the USA. To discuss pop-up displays or exhibit rentals (in authorized states) options, contact us at 800.709.6935.

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Top Trends in Exhibit Design for 2010

May 5, 2010

Create inviting environments that engage trade show attendees

By Daniel Chaddock, President of E&E Exhibit Solutions

Daniel ChaddockAs a trade show marketer, you know you can’t just plop down any old booth in a space and attract attendees. Designing your trade show display is as strategic as picking the right show or crafting your marketing message for the right audience. The ubiquitous counters with “please take one” literature and self-running videos just don’t do the trick anymore. And, booth staff who are too eager to give software demos can make attendees run away down the aisle.

To create buzz around your booth, look for ways to take your booth from a corporate store front to a more casual, yet interactive setting. An emerging trend in trade show exhibit design is creating environments in which to engage booth visitors. You want to put attendees at ease, so they let down their barriers before you start to talk business.

Keep the following trends in mind when working with your exhibit house on a new booth design and watch attendees flock to your booth like bees to honey.

Attract attendees by appealing to their senses.

Use textures and substances, such as virtual fire, water or steam features that entice visitors to come in, get a closer look, and even touch their surroundings. A positive sensory reaction to your booth can make attendees more receptive to a conversation and make your marketing messages more memorable.

Make your booth interactive.

While Guitar Hero can make attendees get up and move, a perfect score on "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" doesn’t provide any insight into your target market or contribute anything to your industry’s body of knowledge. Think of ways to incorporate social media into your display and start a show-long discussion about relevant topics in your industry.

Allow attendees to leave relevant comments on a chalkboard or whiteboard in your booth.

Or, provide access to computer display kiosks where visitors can make posts on blogs and fan pages. This tactic can motivate people to come back to your booth repeatedly for updates, forming a positive relationship with your company.

Keep attendees focused on your booth.

Design a booth with ceiling structures. Today’s popular aluminum extrusion exhibits, such as the LUMITURE exhibit displays, can accommodate overhead elements with ease. Use lightweight fabric printed with trade show graphics or illuminated with colored light to bring visual interest above. By enclosing your environment, you better manage your booth space and keep visitors’ eyes on your messaging and not your neighbors’ booths.

Use casual meeting areas

Skip the conference board room and opt for more relaxed seating areas, such as oversized comfy couches with a coffee table. With a less formal meeting space, you can remove physical obstacles like counters and lead retrieval machines and start a friendly discussion, in which your potential customer will open up about her business needs.

Done correctly, these environments act similar to and serve the same reaction as crowds to a contagious street performance, where people gather to see what's happening. Clever, unique and well thought out environments at a trade show communicate specific marketing messages to a specific audience.

Contact E&E Exhibit Solutions today for more advice on designing a comfortable environment for your trade show displays.

Since 1994, Daniel Chaddock has consulted on the effective design and use of custom displays for trade show marketing. He is currently President of E&E Exhibit Solutions, a custom exhibit rentals (in authorized states) and custom exhibit rental designs company offering expertise in portable exhibits and modular trade show displays. To discuss custom exhibit rental options reach Daniel via email or contact us at E&E Custom Exhibit Rentals at 800.709.6935.

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How to Trim Costs at Your Next Trade Show

Oct 21, 2008

Get the best ROI from your next trade show by reducing your show service costs – just follow these money-saving tips.

By Daniel Chaddock, President of E&E Exhibit Solutions

Daniel ChaddockFrom trade show exhibit shipping and storage to electricity, set-up, takedown and more, there’s more to exhibiting at your next trade show than just booking space and bringing your display. Instead, you need to plan ahead, do your homework, and stay organized – and if you do, the savings can be significant.

To get the best possible deal on services at your next show, try following these simple money-saving tips.

When ordering services…

  • Plan ahead. Submit show paperwork early to get the best rates; you can check on early deadlines in your exhibitor manual or by consulting your exhibit house.
  • Stay organized. Keep your paperwork organized and take it with you to the trade show so you can refer to it in case of discrepancies.
  • Be detailed and specific. When ordering services, especially electrical, be as detailed as possible and submit layout diagrams and instructions. If an electrician or other show personnel needs to fix last-minute issues, you’ll be charged hefty extra fees.

When shipping your exhibit…

  • Consolidate your shipments. To save money, ship your trade show displays and accessories in as few batches as possible. Shows typically charge drayage fees per 100 pounds of materials, meaning you will be charged a minimum fee whether the shipment is five pounds or 95 pounds – so make each shipment worth it.
  • Try shipping to the warehouse. Shipping directly to a busy show site can mean extra fees for waiting time. Also, pay attention to receiving hours – show management companies will often apply overtime charges to accept freight beyond normal receiving hours, which are often only 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Bring small boxes yourself. If you have a simple box or two of giveaways, it’s easier to carry it in yourself instead of passing it through show management.

When scheduling labor services…

  • Bring a knowledgeable supervisor. Whether it’s a person from your staff or your exhibit house, a great supervisor will be able to direct labor efficiently, ensuring your trade show exhibits are set up correctly and meet show rules.
  • Arrange a tight labor schedule. With a good supervisor running labor efficiently, you can keep your labor hours to a minimum while the crew is on the clock – which doesn’t stop if you have an issue.
  • Keep it to regular business hours. Pay attention to scheduling – regular installation hours are usually 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. If your trade show labor crew works past these hours you’ll have to pay overtime, so it’s best to avoid scheduling labor for late afternoons or Fridays.

Trimming your show fees can play a large role in increasing your trade show ROI – and reserving your budget for items that will help increase your leads and sales, like new trade show graphics or accessories for your exhibit rentals (available in AZ) follow-up marketing efforts or giveaways.

For more advice on keeping your costs down at your next event – or for help designing or updating your trade show display – contact E&E Exhibit Solutions, your trusted trade show display company.

Since 1994, Daniel Chaddock has consulted on effective trade show exhibit designs and use of trade show displays for trade show marketing. He is currently president of E&E Exhibit Solutions, a trade show display company with expertise in custom portable exhibits and custom modular displays. You can reach Daniel via email to or contact us at 800.709.6935.

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Get your Exhibit Ready for Trade Show Season

Oct 7, 2008

Autumn’s trade show season is just around the corner! Prepare yourself for a streamlined, successful season with our easy checklist.

By Daniel Chaddock, President of E&E Exhibit Solutions

Daniel ChaddockEvery day brings us a step closer to the hectic fall trade show season. With just a few weeks left before the hustle and bustle of shows begins, now’s the time to ask whether your company’s trade show exhibits are up to date and ready for action.

Now is the perfect opportunity to take a proactive approach to your trade show displays – and ensure you’ll be a step ahead when the fall season heats up! To make sure your events run smoothly, follow this easy checklist:

  • Check your booth’s condition. The first thing potential clients will see this fall is your trade show booth. Make sure it’s in top shape by making any necessary repairs, replacing any missing pieces and reviewing your trade show graphics to ensure they are in good shape and relevant to your marketing message and brand.
  • Stock up on literature and giveaways. Check the stock levels of your trade show exhibit’s brochures, fliers and giveaways to make sure you have plenty for the whole season. You’ll also want to review all materials to ensure information and messages are up to date. Order any refills or replacements, and give all items to your exhibit house to pack with your trade show booth.
  • Check your AV equipment. Take a moment to switch on all your audio and visual equipment, including laptops, monitors, projectors and kiosks, to ensure they’re in working order and ready for use.
  • Research show services and deadlines. Register for on-site services early, when rates are lower, and you can save a significant amount on your show expenses. Now’s the ideal time to check deadlines for ordering services, such as material handling, EAC forms, electrical and Internet, booth cleaning and carpet rental. You should also review your exhibitor manual to see all services available at your show and determine whether you need to find outside services as well.
  • Coordinate your shipping schedule. Before the season starts, determine your trade show display’s shipping schedule, keeping in mind warehouse deadlines. By planning ahead, you’ll also have time for ground shipping – an economical, money-saving option. To avoid missing important deadlines, communicate your schedule to your exhibit house.
  • Organize your labor schedule. Once your shipping schedule is determined, get quotes from your exhibit house for installation and dismantle labor and schedule them according to move-in and move-out dates.
  • Develop your marketing strategy. Finally, review your trade show marketing objectives and corresponding strategy, including things like media outreach, sales and lead goals, pre-show promotions and post-show follow-up. Having a marketing plan in place before the season starts can help you better identify your objectives – and measure success.

The fall show season offers plenty of opportunities to market your company’s products or services – and by planning ahead, you can ensure you make the biggest bang at your event, without exceeding your budget. To make sure you’re prepared for the fall and beyond, get the help of a full-service trade show exhibit company like E&E Exhibit Solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

Since 1994, Daniel Chaddock has consulted on effective trade show exhibit designs and use of trade show displays for trade show marketing. He is currently president of E&E Exhibit Solutions, a trade show display company with expertise in custom portable exhibits and custom modular displays. You can reach Daniel via email to or contact us at 800.709.6935.

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Take your Trade Show Displays Beyond the Convention Floor

Sep 23, 2008

Trade show exhibits are a major investment. Get even more for your money when you use your display outside the convention hall as well.

By Daniel Chaddock, President of E&E Exhibit Solutions

Daniel ChaddockYou’ve invested in an exhibit property and want to make the most out of it. So, what should you do with your trade show display when you’re not at a show? Instead of leaving your display in storage all year, consider using all or part of it in one of these professional environments – and get even more out of your exhibit:

  • Lobbies. Using a portable trade show exhibit is a great way to bring your brand messaging to your lobby – especially in high-traffic settings like car dealerships and banks. Stylish, large trade show graphics are an eye-catching way to attract passersby, and displays that feature kiosks with monitors can continuously loop company videos as well.
  • Mobile displays. If on-the-go sales presentations are common – like in the medical or pharmaceutical industry – a small tabletop display or retractable banner stand can be the perfect way to take style wherever you go.
  • Showrooms. Portable display booths offer the ideal graphic impact for selling products and incorporating your company’s collateral in a showroom setting. You can also use kiosks for product demonstrations or multimedia presentations.
  • Offices. Make the most of your space by using trade show walls to create cubicles or conference rooms. Counters can also be used for reception areas or conference room podiums as well.
  • Outdoor Events. Use your exhibit to reinforce your company message at outdoor events – just be sure to check with your exhibit house to see if your booth is designed to withstand the elements before you take it outside.
  • Industry Conferences, Seminars and Association Meetings. You may not need your full display at an industry conference, but smaller pieces of your exhibit can lend a professional look to your presence. If you’re hosting or speaking at a conference, try using a banner stand as a branded background – they’re portable and easy to set up.
  • Press Conferences. Banner stands and pop-up displays provide great backgrounds for television appearances, helping brand your appearance with your logo for more awareness.

With a flexible, multipurpose exhibit, your display can add a unique touch to almost any professional setting – and do wonders on the trade show floor as well. Contact us today to learn more!

Since 1994, Daniel Chaddock has consulted on effective trade show exhibit designs and use of trade show displays for trade show marketing. He is currently president of E&E Exhibit Solutions, a trade show display company with expertise in custom portable exhibits and custom modular displays. You can reach Daniel via email to or contact us at 800.709.6935.

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Pop up Display Booth Upgrades

Sep 9, 2008

Affordable upgrades can add instant style to your pop-up exhibit – and make your company stand out.

By Daniel Chaddock, President of E&E Exhibit Solutions

If you’ve had your eye on a new trade show exhibit but you’re on a tight budget, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with your same old pop-up display this year. Instead, pop-up display booths offer plenty of options for adding extras and upgrades that give your display a whole new look – for a lot less than a new booth.

New graphics, areas for presentations and demos, shelves and storage, integrated lighting and kiosks can all add professional polish and while still being kind to your company wallet. Here are some of our favorite budget-friendly tips for upgrading your existing pop-up exhibit – just find your price range:

  • If you can afford $500 to $1,500, accessories are a great way to customize your display. Profile headers and graphic signage add dimension to your backwall, while other accessories like a monitor mount with a keyboard shelf add versatility. Other small-scale extras include illuminating your backwall with light boxes or using designer acrylic shelving to display products – both of which enhance your display’s design and functionality.
  • If you can afford $1,500 to $3,000, consider customized trade show display graphics for your pop-up exhibit display. When you replace fabric panels and Velcro graphics with photomural graphics or large, billboard-style images over several panels, you can create an entirely fresh look.
  • If you can afford around $3,000 to $5,000, add functionality to your trade show display with a multimedia kiosk, which makes presentation demos and online sign-ups easy. The kiosk counter can also add storage space for literature and giveaways.
  • If you can afford $5,000 or more, an enhancement kit is the ideal way to get the unique look of custom displays without the expensive price tag. Our enhancement kits work by fusing your pop-up with laminated panels, extrusion systems, tension fabric, kiosks and more, all designed to make your existing exhibit look like a brand-new custom display. You also lower operating costs by using lighweight, compact pop-up displays as your centerpiece, and take advantage of easy integration by growing pop-ups from 10x10 displays to 10x20 displays.

Stand out at your next convention or event – even on a shoestring! With pop-up displays upgrade from a professional trade show exhibit company like E&E Exhibit Solutions, there’s no limit to the options. Contact us today to learn more.

Since 1994, Daniel Chaddock has consulted on effective trade show exhibit designs and use of trade show displays for trade show marketing. He is currently president of E&E Exhibit Solutions, a trade show display company with expertise in custom portable exhibits and custom modular displays. You can reach Daniel via email to or call 800.709.6935.

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Green Exhibiting Best Practices

Mar 29, 2008

You may have more opportunities than you think to go green with environmentally friendly, sustainable trade show exhibiting. Here are some industry best practices for being a green exhibitor this year.

By Daniel Chaddock

Daniel ChaddockFrom transportation and lodging to trade show exhibits, supplies and more, there are myriad ways to go green at your next event. But for many exhibitors, it’s hard to know all the green options out there – and which choices make the most impact on the environment.

To complement our new green exhibit booth product line, we've put together this helpful guide to going green at your next event or show. If you're concerned about your company's environmental impact or your corporation has a mandate to reduce waste and emissions, follow these best practices – and contribute to a greener, healthier earth this year.

Green Trade Show Exhibits

One of the most obvious – and effective – ways to green your trade show experience is to reduce material waste in your exhibit. Here are some tips for building and maintaining green trade show displays:

  • Consider a rental trade show exhibit to reduce materials usage.
  • Refurbish and update existing trade show displays instead of replacing them. New surfaces, color and graphics can add significant life to an existing booth.
  • Consider a green trade show exhibit made with recycled materials, rapidly renewable resources, lower-petroleum products and other sustainable and eco-friendly materials.
  • Recycle your retired exhibits and properly reallocate waste so it avoids the landfill.
  • Reuse packaging like bubble wrap, padding and cardboard for your next shipping need, and use recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Eco-Conscious Collateral

Brochures and booklets can be great marketing materials, but extensive printing and paper usage leaves an ecological imprint. While you probably can't go paperless at your next show, you can reduce your need for printed collateral:

  • Limit the literature and DVDs you hand out.
  • Use LCD monitors instead of handing out DVDs.
  • Display a sustainable collateral practice statement so visitors know your stance on waste reduction.
  • Consider printing materials on environmentally friendly paper and stock, such as

Greener Shipping, Travel and Lodging Options

One of the best ways to go green doesn't even happen at the trade show itself: transportation. Shipping and travel for show staff contribute a significant amount to your show's carbon footprint.

  • Rethink your show needs – leave unnecessary extras behind.
  • Pack smart to reduce the weight of your displays and save you substantial shipping costs.
  • If possible, print literature at your destination to reduce shipping needs.
  • Look into freight carriers that buy carbon offset credits.
  • Consider Web conferences and trim in-person staffing when possible.
  • Look into greener flying, such as Continental Airlines' Eco-Skies initiative, or take the train.
  • Stay at a Kimpton Hotel, a boutique chain offering environmentally friendly lodging.
  • Visit or for information on hotels with greener bedding, cleaning supplies, organic foods and other eco best practices.

Environmentally Friendly Tchotchkes

Trade shows are notorious for their gift bags and corporate schwag – much of which ends up in a landfill. To truly cut down on waste, try one of these options for your booth's visitors:

  • Give t-shirts made from bamboo, a rapidly renewable, sustainable resource.
  • Instead of standard plastics, look for tchotchkes made from corn plastics, which are non-toxic and break down naturally.
  • Display your commitment to green exhibiting in a unique way – give away plants or seedlings as eco-friendly gifts.

Regardless of which green exhibiting options your company embraces, keep in mind that an eco-friendly trade shows displays are just one piece of the puzzle. Recently, many companies have been accused of “greenwashing” – misleading consumers about green practices – making it more important than ever to back up your environmentally friendly claims with real action. Company-wide benchmarks, corporate policies and public statements all help prove that green is more than a trend for your company.

For more ideas on green displays, contact us today – we can help you join the green marketing trend – and make a real difference for the earth.

Since 1994, Daniel Chaddock has consulted on effective trade show exhibit designs and use of exhibits for trade show marketing. He is currently President of E&E Exhibit Solutions, a trade show display company with expertise in custom displays, custom portable exhibits and custom modular displays. You can reach Daniel via email to or call 800.709.6935.

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Go Green with Sustainable Trade Show Displays

Feb 28, 2008

Make a green trade show display part of your corporation’s commitment to green marketing this year. Made from recycled, renewable and environmentally safe materials, green trade show displays are the next big trend.

By Daniel Chaddock, President of E&E Exhibit Solutions

Green DisplayAmerican companies are going green like never before, shopping for environmentally friendly alternatives for everything from cubicle walls to break room supplies. Now trade show coordinators and event managers can join the green marketing and business trend with trade show displays from E&E Exhibit Solutions, the exclusive Arizona distributor of Eco•Systems Sustainable Exhibits.

Designed to lower businesses’ environmental footprint, Eco•Systems’ green trade show exhibits are the first green-built portable-modular exhibit system available in the United States. Benchmarked to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Build Rating System of the U.S. Green Building Council, these show-stopping displays utilize a number of energy-saving, sustainable and socially responsible elements:

Rapidly renewable materials, such as bamboo cabinets and counters
Recycled materials, including walls and fabric that utilize recycled soda bottles and flooring created from used vehicle tires
Recyclable materials that have a legitimate aftermarket application, such as aluminum.

Energy-saving features, such as LED and metal halide lighting. Fuel cells and solar panels that convert convention center lighting into electricity are in the works
Non-toxic, low-emitting stains and finishes for minimal environmental impact and a healthy work environment
In addition to utilizing innovative and sometimes surprising eco-friendly materials, Eco•Systems’ green trade show displays present a number of benefits to trade show managers and planners:

Help meet your company’s green purchasing goals or requirements. As part of their effort to eliminate waste and reduce emissions, many corporations are introducing environmental goals and even mandating that departments go green. A sustainable trade show display can help you achieve these goals.

Bring your company’s green business efforts to the forefront. Sustainable trade show exhibits are a great way to tell the world about your commitment to the environment. When you exhibit your green displays at industry events, you’ll have a unique opportunity to communicate your green marketing message and demonstrate your company’s environmental philosophy.

Save on energy costs. With green displays, you can decrease or even eliminate your dependence on convention electricity. In addition, eco-friendly LED and metal halide lighting systems are more efficient and last longer than standard bulbs and track lighting.
Contribute to a greener, more beautiful planet. As a responsible trade show display company, E&E recognizes the importance of protecting the earth. Trade show displays can have a significant impact on the environment, and reducing that impact is one of our primary goals for 2008.

If your company is committed to going green, make sustainable trade show displays part of your plans in 2008. Contact us for more information on Eco•Systems displays and other eco-friendly trade show accessories and materials – and help reduce your company’s environmental footprint this year.

Since 1994, Daniel Chaddock has consulted on effective trade show exhibit designs and use of exhibits for trade show marketing. He is currently President of E&E Exhibit Solutions, a trade show display company with expertise in custom displays, custom portable exhibits and custom modular displays. You can reach Daniel via email to or call 800.709.6935.

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