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“Thank you for everything you guys did to make our Emerge conference successful and beautiful this year! We truly appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the corporate event. Thank you so much!”

~ Ryan Sedlacek
Marketing Manager, Consolidated Graphics

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Displays for Corporate Event  Marketing by E&E

Corporate Event Portable Displays Take Your Corporate Events to the Next Level: The Professional Way to Communicate Your Brand Message

Utilize E&E exhibit displays and E&E professionals to make your next corporate event successful and memorable!  Exhibit displays are the perfect way to communicate your corporate message, support your product merchandising and spotlight your guest speakers.

Professionally designed graphics effectively keep your primary marketing message on display for your attendees from the stage, at reception or outside each conference room.

E&E Exhibit Solutions offers a wide variety of custom displays, island displays, pop-up displays, banner stands and more that work perfectly for your corporate events.  Our extensive inventory of rental displays can be customized for your next corporate event. 

Leave the planning of your next corporate event to the experts!  With our extensive experience in corporate events, we can help you.  Whether you are hosting a:

  • Business Conference
  • Product Launch
  • Marketing Conference
  • Etc.

Exhibit Displays are the Perfect Solution for Your Corporate Events:

  • Customized island displays to communicate your company message with banner stands and hanging signs to display your logo, or direct traffic to different meeting rooms
  • Lightweight, portable displays are perfect for adding a graphic element to a convention stage, educational seminars, or regional meetings
  • Create a visual wall behind the podium for your speakers with banner stands and professional large-format graphics by E&E
  • Informational retail display kiosks provide a free-standing solution for self-running, continuous loop videos or to provide computer access (on-line shopping from your lobby) or to display literature
  • Exhibit counter displays are perfect for a reception area or convention entrance offering a desk top surface for registration and have the added benefit of locking storage for additional materials
  • Organize literature, catalogues and magazines in your lobby or waiting room with a literature stand

E&E Exhibit Solutions has a complete line of trade show displays, trade show graphics, and accessories for your business.

E&E Exhibit Solutions offers a wide range of customized booth rentals (in authorized states).

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