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LED Display Walls

LED Display Walls

What would we do without walls? Whether it is the back wall of your trade show display, a floating wall at the threshold of your exhibit or a two-sided wall with backlit LED lights, display walls are the hero of a great trade show booth.

LED Display Walls Are the Foundation of Your Exhibit

Display walls are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your space requirements. They are versatile and customizable so that your display can be different for each trade show or event.

Incorporate a Variety of Presentation Components with LED Display Walls

• AV monitor
• LED video walls
• Shelving for product display
• Locking cabinets to secure proprietary materials
• Customized fabric graphics featuring your top products
• Floor-to-ceiling panels capture the attention of participants

Combine your display wall with additional trade show accessories like a charging station, kiosk displays, literature stands, computer stations and sales tables for individual conversation. Create a show stopping exhibit built around the foundation of a display wall featuring your company logo, colors, and brand messaging.

Display walls are available in flat or curved design with the ability to incorporate large format digital graphics that feature larger-than-life, unbroken images. The thin extrusion framing is easily hidden behind dynamic images spotlighting your company images.

LED Display Walls are Popular Attention Grabbers

LED video walls can be incorporated into our Euro Frame System seamlessly.  The ultra LED tiles are mounted onto straight and/or curved aluminum frames.

Rent LED Display Walls

Not ready to invest in trade show displays? E&E Exhibit Solutions offers LED Display Walls and a wide range of customized LED Display Wall Rentals (in authorized states).

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Clients say...

“That was hands down the best event that we have ever done. I cannot tell you how many people told us that we had the best booth in the whole place.”

-Missy Lawler
Events Director and Hardware Sales Manager

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