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Anyone can host a Zoom conference, but our strategy and studio broadcast capabilities will elevate your hybrid events in how they inspire, educate, and professionally communicate your messaging.

Hybrid Events Fulfill Marketing Needs

Whether you plan to execute a webinar, sales presentation, online town hall, product launch, product demonstration, utilizing our expertise and studio broadcast capabilities can bring your hybrid event to the next level.

What are the Benefits of a Hybrid Event

Companies are realizing the differences between live events versus hybrid events. Hybrid events can reach a greater audience without the limitations of time and distance. Hybrid events not only expand your audience base but accommodate virtual broadcast speakers from different cities or continents.

Full Broadcast-Level Studio Production

Our studio features a dedicated fiber optic internet line with 1GM Symmetrical Bandwidth, which allows for full gigabit speeds to upload and download. With less than a second of video delay to anywhere in the US, we can provide a truly live experience.

Hybrid Events Must be Interactive and Engaging to be Successful

Connecting with your audience thru Microsoft Teams, chat tools, live webinars and digital content everyone’s attention stays intact. Hybrid events need to include attendee engagement experiences including audience polling and gamification to make the event more engaging.

Powerful Data Analytics are Key to a Successful Hybrid Event

Once your hybrid event is over, marketing experts must have analytics for data tracking and measurable engagement. With detailed reporting, you can understand what users are responding to. Metrics drawn from a variety of pertinent reports help you measure the success or your event.

Ensure the success of your hybrid event by partnering with E&E Exhibit Solutions. Contact Us today. Let us work together to make your hybrid event a success!

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