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Using Twitter for Your Next Trade Show or Event by E&E Exhibit Solutions

Using Twitter for Your Next Trade Show or Event by E&E Exhibit Solutions


Social media, the phenomena that has captured the attention of the world – is your next greatest tool for driving traffic to your tradeshow booth or event. Let’s look at how some businesses have successfully connected with their target audience and increased the number of prospects visiting their tradeshow booth:


 The Twitter Hashtag (#) method of organizing the up-to-the-minute conversation about your company and the convention allows you to communicate with your target audience. Here are just a few tips:


Weeks before the event, create a unique hashtag title and every time you mention the upcoming convention and your company’s participation – make sure to include the hashtag. (ex. #exhibitsusaPHX)


  • Tweet about your booth number and placement within the convention hall or event location.
  • Leave hints about your show discounts and offer special incentives to your Twitter followers.
  • Create excitement by asking who will attend and asking for a retweet of your message.
  • Tweet about the special programs that will occur during the convention; will the Batmobile be there? Are the Monkees making a come back during the lunch hour? With each message, include your unique hashtag.
  • During the event, send out messages that include your booth number and offer hourly contests, incentives, discounts, etc. to drive traffic to your tradeshow booth.
  • Invite attendees to tweet their comments about the event and your company.
  • Take pictures of your tradeshow booth or event environment or of attendees visiting your exhibit and include them in your messages .
Clients say...

“We signed several major customers and received very positive feedback on the product and the booth. We had several comments that ours was the best booth at the show!”

-Jarrett Harnstreet, COO
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