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Novo Jocale 10×20

Novo Jocale 10×20


  • Lightweight, aluminum-based system with striking asymmetrical lines and pendant lighting
  • (2) computer kiosks for software demos or presentations
  • Customizable with storage or reception counters, graphics and lighting
  • 10×20 display scales up to 20×20 island or down to 10×10 configuration
  • All configurations available as booth rental or purchase
Clients say...

“Thank you for everything you guys did to make our Emerge conference successful and beautiful this year! We truly appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the corporate event. Thank you so much!”

~ Ryan Sedlacek
Marketing Manager, Consolidated Graphics


p: 800 709-6935
f: 480 966-9841

Emergency after hours hotline:
480 223-5241
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